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Bamboo Partnership enables your teams to empower themselves authentically, through leadership and wellbeing coaching.

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Bamboo Options

From 1 to 1 coaching to wider team workshops

1 to 1 Coaching for Wellbeing and Leadership

1 to 1 leadership and wellbeing coaching, made accessible to the entire team.

Areas often coached:

  • role transitions & return to work
  • supporting future leaders
  • looking for more belief and confidence in areas of current role.

Coaching package / single coaching options dependent on need.

Bamboo works with a team of experienced and qualified associate leadership coaches for larger contracts.

Enable the Team to Coach!

Tailored around you as an organisation to enhance your team's current coaching skills and behaviours.

Sustainably refresh the team feel and further invite ideas, stimulate personal growth and increase understanding.

Coaching development programmes are aligned to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) competency framework.

Team Building Workshops

Thought provoking, awareness enhancing team workshops that naturally move teams to a new level of understanding. Perfect for in-house team sessions, conference workshops, and team away days.

Always bespoke to your objective and always created to healthily disrupt thinking!

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What people say about Vicky

As an owner of a growing business, my coaching mornings with Vicky over the past 18 months have been extremely valuable. The coaching gives me the time and space to work things through, whilst sounding out new ideas going forwards - with a healthy challenge!

I am now looking to work with Vicky for workshops for the team, as I appreciate her engaging approach and the way she cares about how she can best support us as a business, and the valuable use of her coaching expertise.

Tracey Dutton, Founder and Creative Director, Lavinia Stamps

Vicky is fantastic to work with. She's really taken her time to understand our needs and put in place a comprehensive and tailored coaching programme that is reaping rewards.

Liam King, Director, Lagom Strategy

Vicky has been absolutely fantastic at coaching me over the past few months. From session one I felt so comfortable and able to talk openly about myself and how I wanted to focus on myself as an individual for my own personal and professional development. This enabled me to think ahead and challenge my development by setting clear, realistic and extremely exciting goals that I wanted for myself.

It even helped me bring back a bit of my younger me and pull previous passions back to the front line! I feel confident to accept the challenges ahead and know that Vicky’s kind and approachable support will continue going forward from the sessions. I am ready to bring out the best of what I can do! Thank you Vicky!

Emma Sheasby, Project Manager, SDSA

We work with Bamboo Partnership to provide 1 to 1 coaching and developmental programmes across the Oadby Plastics Group. The team clearly value their developmental time and it is evident learning takes place and this continues to grow. Our teams have benefited in so many ways and we look forward to working with you going forwards – thank you.

Mark Rojahn, MD, Oadby Plastics Group Ltd

Our organisation has benefited greatly, especially through the pandemic, from access to coaching with Bamboo to support the professional development and wellbeing of the team. Colleagues value the time to work on their development with an external coach who is professional, caring and obviously believes in their potential.

Pete Chilvers, CEO, Schools Development Support Agency

Vicky helped draw the answers out of me that I didn't know were there. I’d bumbled along, never satisfied but safe. Vicky helped me realise the opportunity staring me in the face and to find the courage to take it. Who knows where I will end up, but as I see it you either succeed or you learn, and I won’t look back thinking "I wish I had done that" or "if only". Thank you Vicky, for helping me find strength that I never knew I had.

Neil Cobley, Operations Manager, TT Automotive

I recently completed a review of my coaching experience with Vicky, and when I read it back to myself, I was bowled over with how much I have learned about myself and how much of a stronger person I am for it. Our coaching really changed me for the better - both in and out of work.

It is sad we have come to the end of our coaching sessions, but life will be much smoother going forwards. Words don’t seem enough but thank you so much Vicky. You really are amazing.

Justin Roberts, Warrington Branch Manager, Oadby Plastics Group

Vicky makes you feel comfortable from the outset; she is very professional and accommodating. Vicky gives you the space to reconnect with yourself. The sessions allowed me space to self-reflect and to grow as a person. Vicky has lots of different approaches to offer depending on your circumstances. The sessions highlighted that I needed to make changes and the sessions gave me the confidence to make the changes. I am using the activities I worked on with Vicky in both my professional and personal life. Thank you, Vicky!

Rebecca Partington, School Administrator

Actively Learning


ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring (2019)

Business Learning Foundation, Certificate in Advanced Coaching (2018)

DISC practitioner, certified to work with organisations, Optimus Coaching (2020)

Postgraduate level ‘Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching’, Human Technics and University of West of England (2022)

Diploma in Education and Training (level 5), University of Warwick (2017)

PCC level International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation (currently working towards)

transformative outcomes

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About Vicky

A powerful discovery

I believe in the postive impact of individual growth and wellbeing - as we all have untapped potential that is waiting to be discovered and can seriously support our journeys!

Whilst in my previous role as a lecturer in leadership and management, being introduced to coaching totally disrupted my thinking about people development. Coaching is not about training or mentoring, it is about partnering to delve into effective thinking to generate powerful outcomes. Outcomes that are valuable to the person on an individual basis and generate real organisational value.

No going back

Coaching enables expanded thinking to take place, resulting in noticeable changes in self belief and awareness - allowing space for valuable new insights to emerge that would otherwise remain quiet / unheard / unformed.

Coaching with a qualified and experienced leadership coach enhances our individual journeys whilst delivering on value for the organisation. I firmly belief in the power of authenticity aligned with organisational vision, and through coaching we really do unlock potential that matters to your people and your organisation.

Outside of work

Away from coaching I am a mum of 3 and a very keen marathon runner. With marathons, I have learnt to appreciate the training sessions as much as the marathon itself. I value each training session (yep the good and the not so good!!) as they are the learnings needed to get me closer to that finish, in the way I really want :)

Massive crossovers between the marathon mindset and leadership coaching.

Bamboo is born!

The idea for Bamboo was born on a run and since founding Bamboo I have worked on a range of coaching projects including: 1 to 1 coaching access for whole teams; team coaching sessions; leadership development programmes; team conference workshops, the creation of organisational coaching resources for online use and guest speaking on organisational webinars.

Helpful Information


1. What does a leadership and wellbeing coach do?

A leadership and wellbeing coach works with individuals and organisations to enhance their leadership and workplace skills, with wellbeing at the heart of what we do. This might involve one-to-one coaching, or team workshops, all designed to improve management skills, communication, decision-making, and other key aspects of leadership.

2. Who can benefit from leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching benefits the whole team as it supports us to think anew, as and when we need to! Areas often coached:

  • Transitioning to a new role
  • Supporting future leaders
  • Organisational change
  • Providing coaching access to the team to 'think anew!'
3. How does the coach work with organisations and individuals?

Coaching access can be provided to the team as whole, through the use of a 'Calendly system', or set up on a 1 to 1 basis. You can either book a single coaching session or choose a package of 3 or 6 sessions to take over a period of 8 months.

4. What can I expect from the first session?

You will experience the 'Bamboo coaching process' from the outset, where you will naturally begin to expand your own thinking. Initial session will clearly formulate what you are looking for from coaching as a whole.

5. What are the results one can expect from leadership coaching?

Clarity of thought, increased inner motivation, increased confidence, better understanding of self and others leading to stronger and more effective communication and working partnerships.

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